Monday, April 29, 2013

Ladies And Gentlemen, For Your Consideration..

One of my friend called on Sunday morning, said he wanted me to go along with him for a matrimonial get-together arranged by a social organization.

Usually, the idea of being at social gathering doesn't really stimulate me. But it was my friend and not I who was going to face the crowd there. Situations can be exciting when they are not actually happening to you or cannot affect you remotely. I warned him that he should call me only if he was absolutely sure that he didn't have anyone else to come along with him for I couldn't be put to any use when it comes to meeting people. He said it was okay and also tried to appease me by saying that he could use me as a decoy duck.

You can imagine the extent of my sacrifice when I say that I was dwelling under the breeze of full speed fan in chaddi-banyan, then I chose to leave the comfort zone of my home and went outside in burning 40+ degrees just to "help" my friend in distress. 

I went there at the event location. I became his "surrogate brother" for the 3 hours we spent in a not so cozy but well-ventilated hall.
There were at least 120 girls-boys (along with their parents/family) from all parts of Maharashtra who were currently stationed in Pune for a job.

The organizers were calling 4 girls and 2 boys at a time on stage and each of them had to loudly pronounce their name, education, job details, horoscope details, expectations of partner, registration number and contact number etc to the huge crowd of around 400 people.
Those who found the content suitable, would note down the registration ids/contact numbers to carry out a one on one later.

As a trusted ally, I played my part by taking careful notes on behalf of my friend who seemed bit nervous about the notion of going on the stage in front of this crowd and the subsequent likelihood of fainting there.

The whole idea of this business seemed ridiculous and quite offending at first (must be the effect of recently watched Django Unchained).But as I spent more time there, I realized that it is thousand times better than the traditional kande-pohe system.

1. In a day, one can go through at least 50 options. This would have otherwise taken so many weekends as well as blood and sweat of their parents.
2. Apart from the biodata, there are other things to see in one's potential partner e.g. the way they look, talk, their mannerisms etc. which are otherwise impossible to experience just from the things written on a biodata.
3. It's far more economical than individual visits at home which includes tolls like travelling costs, man hours of each family member, emotional debt, and also the kande-pohe-tea for the entire visiting team.
4. My friend separated out 5 profiles and met the girls and their family members there itself. Skeptical as he was initially, he later mentioned that it was a good decision to be a part of the event.

Kudos to the organizers of such events. Some things were not appropriate, like the on stage introductions in front of the huge crowd. But then, there is no perfect way to carry out these
matters. Apparently things are not as bad as they seem when you stop criticizing them and analyse them more rationally.

picture courtesy - the internet. Nothing personal. :)


  1. पाटील नक्की कोण गेला होतं ? मित्राच्या नावाने खपवताय का ?

  2. तुमच्यासारखे vigilant मित्र असल्यावर इकडची टोपी तिकडे करायची आमची काय बिशाद? :)
    असो, त्यामुळे राजचा किस्सा आठवला..

    Leonard: Yeah, it’s weird. Even though he didn't want to give the lecture in the first place, being rejected by those students really hit him hard.

    Raj: Mmm, I know the feeling. It’s like accidentally walking into a gay bar and then having no one hit on you.
    (others exchange dubious glances)
    It-It happened to a friend of mine.

  3. Ashish as dakhavtoy ki mi tya gavacha nahich ;-)we understood Ashish..ata asha vadhu var melavyana bheti hotach rahnar tumchya..All the Best:)

  4. मोनाली, हेमंत,
    मै यहा तुम लोगांको चांद दिखा रहा हू, और तुम उंगली टेढी बोल रहे हो यारो..
    इस्माईल भाई की कोई इज्जत है चारमिनार के नीचे २५ सालसे..:)

  5. Ha Ismail Bhai kon..kahi zhepal nahi..


  7. Arre Ashish...Tu blog writer hai ya pyjaama hai......??arey yeh shaadi waali blog nakko re baawa woh movie review waali toh bhi likhde..bahut kaama hain re...;-)
    (Hilarious Saleem Pheku's lines from The Angrez; tailored for your blog :D) Nothing personal ha ;-) :D


  8. मीनाक्षी,
    चिडचिड समजू शकतो. उगी उगी हं..
    आपण त्या मेळाव्याच्या आयोजकांचे घर उन्हात बांधू. :p


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