Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Grandma and the Dr. Pandurang Kumbhar Clinic at Nagar-Munnoli

This post is a reference to my review on Google Maps. I couldn't post it all there because of the size limit there. I hope that this review helps people who want to take their loved ones to Dr. Kumbhar's clinic. Original post date - January 2018

Edit - 15th October 2018

I think it is important to highlight the following comment on this post  - Unknon says -

in last month I took my father to this place,,really horrible scenario,,,more than 300 patients plus their relatives,,,no provision of toilets,,wheel chair or stretcher,,injection given by some stupid fellow,,just like he is treating some animal. actually this injection is nothing but some B complex medicines by which your blood circulation gets boosts,,ultimately your body movements improves. this treatment you can get in your place also,,no need to rush to this far...in fact many agents are created in these places to arrange a quick appointment..one single token counter machine is simplest remedy but the management purposefully avoiding ,,situation is same as any famous temple of our country.,,

Edit - 12th March 2018.
Please be aware that most of the doctors who practice modern medicines do not believe in Dr. Pandurang Kumbhar's treatment. Please read comments on this post. One of the comment is from Dr. Deshpande and it is really informative.

My intention of this post is to make the readers aware of the logistics if at all they want to take their relatives to this clinic. I can no way confirm whether it really works. My grandmother was being treated with modern medicines, physiotherapy and also our care for her. One cannot tell exactly what worked and what not. Please take the advice of your trusted doctors before putting efforts to take your relatives to Nagar Munnoli. It's not a simple journey considering the condition of the patient.
Thank you.

Edit - 28th April 2018
I am getting calls from many people asking about my experiences. I am always ready to share knowledge and I don't mind attending phone calls essentially because I also have made such phone calls to people who were ready to share information.

In some of these phone calls, inevitably they ask for my opinion whether to take their relatives to Kumbhar clinic. I am not a doctor. I am an engineer who loved his grandmother above anything else. We did whatever we felt was right for us. In this process, my mother was the heart and I was the brain. I made sure that she gets modern medicines and treatment even when my mother started with the alternate medicines. I also was in contact with the doctors in the hospitals where she was admitted multiple times.

As far as I know, each patient can show different symptoms and various degree of severity. Please make sure you get the advice of trusted doctors always.

I took my grandmother (85 years old, Pune) to Dr. Pandurang Kumbhar's clinic for her paralysis treatment.

My grandmother suffered a paralysis stroke on 20th Nov 2016. She just felt numbness in her right arm around dawn and waited for us to wake up. She told us that she is not able to move her right arm at all. Since she was able to speak normally, we thought it could be a temporary numbness. When even after 4 hours she was unable to move, we rushed to the hospital.

Doctors started treatment and told us that it was a paralysis stroke and her 90% of her right arm and 60-70% of her right leg was paralyzed. The doctor mentioned that the earlier patients get treatment in such a case, the better they have a chance of recovery.

She spent the next 1 week in the hospital with medicines, injections, and physiotherapist regularly working on her condition. Her condition was stable but we saw next to none improvement. She got discharge after 7 days with all the prescriptions, medicines and physiotherapy schedules.

During this week in the hospital, my mother came to know about Dr. Pandurang Kumbhar's clinic from WhatsApp post. We decided to take her there. Since it was a long journey, I did not take my hatchback but my cousin arranged an Innova so that she could be laid back on mattress comfortably. We started from home on Saturday around 10.30PM. We reached to Nagarmunnoli via Kolhapur-Nippani-Chikkodi at 3.45 AM. We registered my grandmother's name at the person at the clinic, there were around 48 patients ahead of us. We waited in the car until our number was called. Since the clinic was in a small place. I had to check for every 15 minutes for our turn.

They started to attend to patients as early as 4.30 AM. Our turn came at around 7.30AM. We moved our car near to the clinic as other people who had been attended already were leaving and vacating the parking spot near the clinic. It was reserved for the ongoing numbers.

I had to carry my grandmother in my arms. Most people were using bed sheets, rugs to carry the patients. The doctor asked questions like "How long she was sick?" "Which part of the body was paralyzed?" It was too much rush inside. There were 2-3 persons checking patients, I couldn't tell which one was Dr. Pandurang Kumbhar.
They asked us to get her blood tested. The lab was inside the clinic. We took her there. Fortunately, it had a few beds where my grandma rested and my I, mother and my uncle waited.

After 30 minutes, we went inside the clinic again. The doctor saw the reports. They (assistants) gave injections to her on the left and right hips and one in the paralyzed arm. The doctor gave prescription and list of things which to be included and avoided from her diet. He assured that she will be alright. Even in the chaotic clinic, his words of hope felt like a symphony. He also said that we had to bring her once in every 10 days, 5 times to complete the treatment.

The fees were Rs.500. Plus Rs.400 for the blood test. The medicines were of Rs.1400 which were available in the dispensary attached to the clinic. They didn't accept any debit/credit card. We were prepared. My mother had managed the cash somehow because it wasn't a month since demonetization.

We started back around 9.30 AM and reached Pune in the evening. My grandma felt fine. She even sat with us instead of sleeping on the mattress throughout the 6-hour long journey. In the evening, I applied the oil the doctor had prescribed and also gave her the tonics.

I am a skeptic and honestly was doubtful that we could get any positive results compared to the hospital treatment. But.. in the evening, the same day after we returned from Chikkodi, she moved her paralyzed arm. She also bent it from the elbow. It was not less than a miracle. My logical mind could not believe what I had just seen.

We took her 3 times in total before she couldn't take the long journey very well. However, we saw significant improvement in her after each visit. She started to walk slowly, she started to move wrist and fingers and could apply gentle pressure to the exercise ball.

Every time they had the same 3 injections. Only the blood test wasn't done again. Doctor changed her oils and tonics each time. I should also mention that we continued with the medicines given in the hospital along with the Dr.Kumbhar's medicines. We also continued to visit the Hospital doctor where she was treated as soon as she suffered the stroke. Dr. Kiran Shaha on Villoo Poonawala hospital, Hadapsar was most kind and attended my grandmother nicely. Dr. Kiran Shaha actually suggested that we should not take my grandmother to such a distant clinic which in a hope to find a cure. He was of the opinion that medicines along with physiotherapy can only improve my grandma's health. He had good intentions. Considering that my grandma had to suffer the long journeys only to leave Dr.Kumbhar's treatment unfinished, Dr. Kiran Shaha's suggestions were reasonable.

I am mentioning important points here.
0. The clinic is closed on Wednesdays. Call them to know timings and holidays. Numbers are mentioned in one of the replies to a comment on this post.

1. Reach around 2.30-3.30 AM at the clinic. Register your name. They don't take an appointment on phone, so you have to reach early in the morning.

2. Take the patient there in a comfortable vehicle, preferably in an ambulance. The road till Nippani is good, but after that, it's still under construction.

3. If you can manage, spend a night before there. There are hotels, Lodges in Nippani which is 25-30 Km far from Nagar-Munnoli.

4. There is too much crowd at the clinic. People park their vehicles wherever they get a place on the side of the road. They check 20-30 patients per hour. Still, because of the sheer number of patients you have to wait longer if you register your name late. Reach early.

5. Toilets - The clinic has arranged a couple of them, but they are not enough. Carry tissue papers and water and use the fields around if you have to. No Shame.

6. I would suggest continuing modern medicines also along with Dr. Pandurang Kumbhar's medicines.

7. Regular massage with the oils and physiotherapy is a must. My grandmother showed considerable improvement even after the first visit and it kept on improving.

8. This may sound unbelievable, but during our third visit, I rented an OLA cab which had yellow transport number plate. When we were crossing Maharashtra-Karnataka border, we had to stop at the road tax booth on the Karnataka side. The clerk there demanded Rs.8500 (Eight thousand) to let us enter. He said that if the cab was to enter Karnataka, it had to pay tax for an entire year. We were shocked. It was 3.30 AM in the morning with my sick grandmother in the cab. We told the clerk that we are going to Nagar-Munnoli and there is an elderly patient with us. He said that if the Police stops us, it would be our responsibility. We couldn't figure out if he was messing with us. The driver chickened out saying that the Police would confiscate his cab. We had to travel back to Kolhapure (80 Km backward) and hire a Tata Sumo with a white number plate. There was a family with a similar issue and they shared the vehicle with us. It was the testing time for me. I almost lost my cool to the clerk but kept it together somehow. So please check this shit before taking a yellow number plate car.

I will add some more photos of the place.

My grandma is no more. Even we were really hopeful seeing her slow but gradual improvement, her condition deteriorated when she fell off and broke her thigh bone in February 2017. She survived through multiple hospitalizations, and a surgery. Finally, when dementia got hold of her, we lost all of our hopes and prepared our minds to let her go. She passed away on 11th August 2017. I miss her every day. The only consolation I have is the feeling that I and my mother took every possible measure to improve her conditions. My grandma was a strong, independent woman with a taste for good living.

I am thankful to my close relatives who kindly gave us all the support we needed while going through this emotionally demanding year. My mother is a superhero for me. She lost not only her mother but a lifelong best friend. I wish I could be as strong as her.

Take care of your parents and grandparents. I wish your loved ones good health and peace of mind.



  1. Your post is very helpful
    I believe your grandmother is very proud of you and is always blessing you

    1. Thank you Sneha for the kind words. It means a lot to me.

      I wish our people have open mind towards these alternative medicines and strive to make them available easily for all after thorough investigation of their healing potency.

  2. Please send me contact number of that hospital. Need to check if its open.

  3. Hello CHE,
    Here are few numbers which you can use to check the timings.
    This number is there on the prescription - (08338)284412
    This number is the clinic's lab - 09901624744
    This number is clinic's dispensary - 09902793221
    This number is on their Google Map Reviews page - 02172282255

    I hope these numbers are useful. It's been a year since I have last contacted them.
    Please keep in mind that as far as I know, they don't take appointments on phone.
    The clinic is closed on Wednesdays.

  4. Dear sir,
    You have been a victim of the belief that your grandmother has improved due to the medicine of this doctor who is actually a quack, as have been thousands of others in this region. Actually it is the natural course of the condition  (call it paralytic stroke). This improvement starts as the 'stunned nerve cells' surrounding the permanently damaged or dead nerve cells (dead due to stoppage of blood supply) start functioning as body mechanisms improve blood supply to that region. This is a purely natural phenomenon that happens in about 80% of such cases. It starts in a couple of days after the initial episode and goes on for the next few months. In most cases 80% or more functional improvement takes place. There is no proven medicine that hastens the process.  Any treatment taken in this period will lead to the belief that your medicine is working and the doctor is 'good'. Even If you had not given any medicine  (allopathic or alternative), you would have seen the same improvement.  Those remaining 20% would remain in same state or deteriorate and die (some of which could have benefited by brain surgery).
    I am a practicing physician in the same region and seeing the 'results' of this 'doctor ' and it confirms to the above mentioned effects.This guy is actually giving B complex injections  (earlier he used to give them to be taken at home with the labels removed!). Many of his patients were actually having brain tumour or bleed who could have benefited by brain surgery but lost valuable time in believing in his 'results'.
    Most of the patients  (and their relatives) trust him so much that they stop all modern medicine including that for Diabetes and Hypertension which are risk factors for the same condition.
    Those who do not improve or die blame their fate (and not the doctor)! This I admit is an amazing achievement by this Dr Pandurang Kumbhar. 
    My aim in writing such a long article is to open your eyes and avoid sending more patients to this quack.

    Dr D.P. Deshpande.  MD Medicine.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment.
      I understand your point. I myself was against visiting this clinic. It is too far from Pune and my grandmother's Doctor also advised us not to take her there. Still, my mother insisted and we went.

      I was stunned to see that my grandmother's paralysed arm started movement just after we reached Pune from NagarMunnoli.

      If it was the natural course, it was an amazing coincidence that it chose that time.

      My intention of this post is not to spread superstitions. Many folks decide to visit the place because someone recommends them to go there. Sometimes even the patient insists to take him/her there. It's just a hope of cure and peer pressure I think.

      My intention of this post is to make those people aware of the logistics if at all they want to go there. As I experienced, it's lot of trouble to visit the Kumbhar clinic for the patient as well as the relatives.

      Having said that, I deeply appreciate your comment because it will be helpful to the people to decide whether to visit the clinic.
      It definitely assists my post in spreading information.
      The way I see it, if we educated people do not talk about it, whether it is quackery or otherwise, more and more uninformed souls will have to experience it themselves to know what is it actually.

      I will be more happy if doctors such as yourself come ahead and demand a proper investigation of this to put an end to any malpractices in the region.

    2. Even my brother from kolhapur Said that he is been giving B complex injections but why would he inject b complex 3times in three different parts of body.

      Akshay Nikam

    3. in last month I took my father to this place,,really horrible scenario,,,more than 300 patients plus their relatives,,,no provision of toilets,,wheel chair or stretcher,,injection given by some stupid fellow,,just like he is treating some animal. actually this injection is nothing but some B complex medicines by which your blood circulation gets boosts,,ultimately your body movements improves. this treatment you can get in your place also,,no need to rush to this far...in fact many agents are created in these places to arrange a quick appointment..one single token counter machine is simplest remedy but the management purposefully avoiding ,,situation is same as any famous temple of our country.,,

    4. Dear Unknown,

      Thank you for your valuable information. Please update your contacts if possible, so that other people can also get help from your experience.

  5. Hi!! My dad got a brain hamrage and parylatic stroke on 13th Feb this yr.
    We are planning to take him to Dr kumbhar. My dad is 69yrs.
    Need to know what kind of treatment is this as in do they give medicines or injections or any theropy, exersises??
    How long does it take for 1 patient . I m from pune and planning to go in the last week of this month.please guide me or share your contact details.

    1. Hi,
      My contact number is 99233 19438. You can ping me on whatsapp. Please read all the comments as well.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Unknown, have you been able to take your father to Dr.Kumbhar? Even my father had the same attack & we are also planning for this visit from Pune. Please share the latest contact details of the clinic or any logistic experiences you had. You can pls share your watsapp number for us to contact. Thanks & God bless you all..

  6. this is inspiring article for every one.many of them dint share their experience,but you had done it...even my dad was paralysed last 11 years back I used advanced healing & organic remedies to reverse it...he was in semi comma,but now he is 80 % fit & fine age 72 right now. active n manage his own activities.but still left hand sint had improvement completely...but healing technology had helped that he dint have second attack again ....DR.JITENDRA PARMAR MUMBAI9022924767

  7. Very informative and well written post! Quite interesting and nice topic chosen for the post Nice Post keep it up.Excellent post.Thanks for your great and helpful presentation I like your good service.I always appreciate your post.
    dr jay new york

  8. Very informative, my mother got paralysis attack 7 months back, her left arm & leg were paralysed but with medicine & physiotherapy her leg recovered but her arm still not recovered. She was very active person but due to this she is very depressed.She is 70 years old.

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. My Uncle has suffered a stroke 5 months back and his whole left side is paralysed even his swallowing and speech is affected, since last 5 months his condition has not improved much, still his swallowing ability is not improved he is bed ridden we are trying everything from physiotherapy to all medicines and care required but still not much progress is seen hence we are planning to take him to nagar munoli. Just want to know whether Dr. Pandhurang attains a old case like one of my uncle.

    1. I would suggest to call the clinic and check before you make your travel plans.

  10. My wife Jaya suffering from transverse Myletics about 2 years. From 1.5 year's she does not stand on foot, allopathy, aurvedic,homeopathic, acupuncture, physiotherapy all treatments done but she doesn't give the relief. Can at this hospital she take treatment?

    1. Dear Sir,
      I do not have medical expertise to comment on whether anyone should take treatment in the above mentioned clinic. Best way is that you directly call the Kumbhar clinic or consult your doctors. Sorry that I am not much helpful in this regard. For most it's a matter of faith I suppose. I am not sure anyone would decisively advice whether you should or should not go to this clinic.

  11. how to reach this place by train , from Mumbai , nearest Rly station ?

    1. Dear Mahesh,
      As far as I know, there is no railway station at convenient distance from NagarMunnoli.
      Taking a separate vehicle is always better.

  12. Nearest railway station is Raibag or Chikodi road.

    1. Dear Vasant Sir,
      Thank you for sharing this information.

  13. My father 83 years old suffered brain stroke on 22nd october 2018 and his right hand and leg is paralyzed. He can't speak. And nasal feeding has to be done. He is a chronic diabetes and BP patient. We stay in Mumbai. He is still bed ridden. Can we take him to this place? PL help how to go about. We are very confused.

    1. Dear Unknown
      Sorry to hear about your father's situation.
      I would suggest that you consider the travel efforts. Also, take your doctor's advise. If you want, call Kumbhar Clinic and explain them your father's condition to know if it is feasible to take him there.
      Take care.

  14. Really thankful to you.will be taking my father to dr.kumbhar clinic as his condition become stable.


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