Thursday, July 22, 2010


Went to watch Inception today-
On a rainy day with no hope of reaching office in time, the first thing came in my mind was few pending errands, but as I approached E-Square couldn't help and got ticket of Inception 11.45 at about 11.55AM. Sure I lost first 10 minutes, nevertheless the big task is complete now.
With memories of Vanilla Sky which has same concepts, I was hoping that this movie would spare me from further brain damage. Till interval it was more like explaining the background of what I was going to see in the later half. Expectations were high and in those 5 minutes I got in the interval I wikied about what I had seen upto that point. I am not going to spoil the fun of this movie, but here is the description what happened with me after I left the cinema hall.

My bladder was fully stressed, don't know whether because of the 5 minute wiki in the interval or the tensed action-packed second half. I pulled 1st door while coming down from the backstairs, it was locked. I followed crowd and went to second floor tried again and this time the door opened. I went to the washroom to evacuate my bladder..(what else is heaven). I again went from the same door to go into the parking lot, but there was no one by that time. As I went downstairs, I noticed that exit door was closed. I started wondering how everyone got out so quickly. I went upstairs again to look for other exits. I entered the cafeteria and started looking for staircases which would take me outside, but after checking the whole floor I couldn't locate any staircase. I observed the faces of people around and thought how young they were, like I used to be when I was in college.
By the second round of the floor, I started thinking if it was my dream and if I had become a college goer in my dream. Those young faces could be just projections of my subconscious mind. I took control and tried to remember this place where I have already been several times. I went straight and found the staircase, came outside, got my bike and headed towards Aundh. I drove ridiculously fast as if I knew if I met with an accident, I was going to awake in reality, or I could just enter the limbo if I was in 3rd layer of my subconscious. It was only when Mustafa said that I had been assigned new bugs, I came to my senses again and started believing that "yeah that's real!".

My advice is- don't rush anywhere after seeing the movie, go to a coffee shop or grab a pizza, settle down think about your job, your EMIs, the bills you haven't paid yet and your mother's face telling you to be responsible for once..
I don't know how much I like Chris Nolan, but if ever they are going to write about me, I wouldn't mind if they write that I lived in the era of Christopher Nolan.

Before they haunt me, I am listing the key points in the film. These could be the clues to solve this riddle-
1. The vibration of train tracks- these are shown twice I guess.
2. What is the significance of Ariadne creating the mirror in front of mirror formation in second training session?
3. Jabbering of the restaurant waiter when Cobb asks for coffee - chase before meeting Yusuf. (The Pink Panther movie also has used this technique of disguising vital clues in such seemingly trivial multi-lingual conversation).
4. In final scene when Cobb sets the metal top (Mal's totem) spinning on table top, I could see that same Knife set was there on the table, and only that Knife was missing which Mal used to stab Cobb in limbo. Why is it so?
5. Why Mal was on the opposite window of the Hotel room in the anniversary suicide scene?
6. After two days since I watched the movie, my opinion is Cobb was the main "subject" of Inception and Mal was not dead at first place, also I think she was right while jumping off the hotel window that they were living in dream.

After Second watch- Here is my strong feeling
Finally seems I cracked inception -

Cobb was really stuck in his dreamworld as Mal was always trying to say.
What Mal was telling him was right, but he was so convinced that she was wrong and the dream world had become his real world.
Even the Totem couldn't do anything. (If we assume that Totem was always right, we cannot ignore that it wasn't his at the first place, it was Mal's).
Mal tried to convince him several times but failed.

To know how Cobb's dreamworld must had become his reality we have to listen carefully to the old man in Yusuf's lab. He makes comments on Cobb's addiction to be in dreams.
And also Yusuf explains how Dream becomes reality for some people.

Finally they (Mal, her father, Ariadne, Arthur, Eames, Yusuf, Fischer, Saito) decided to do Inception on Cobb.
To make this happen, Mal commited suicide in Cobb's dream and framed him in her murder charges, he fled without watching his children's faces. Cobb was filled with regret and guilt this time. The strong emotion was to see his children's faces and to go home. In a way Mal had successfully turned his lucid-sweet dream into a nightmare.

They started in the Jumbo jet with still dreaming Cobb (in real world). Then the whole movie including the point when they start on their project on the same setup in Jumbo jet (in Cobb's dream) happens in Cobb's dream. When Cobb and Saito waked up from Limbo, Cobb found himself on the same setup but the difference was that now it was reality. And there is no way for him to figure out the difference.
It is like Penrose stairs, starting and end are same. A paradox, but only a clever architect like Ariadne can design these type of layers.
Now, Cobb is in real world as it is as he thinks of his dreamworld. His dream world has been shattered and only emotion he now possesses is love for his children, that we can see by the fact that he completely ignored the top. We can assume that he had been freed from the addiction of his dreamworld as the team had managed to wash out the difference between his dreamworld and reality.

By this logic, there is actually no charges against Cobb, and Saito doesn't need to do anything.. anyways one phone call and cleared from Murder charges looks rather unconvincing.

Here it could be noticed that inception is not planting idea it could be it's literal meaning- beginning, making his dreamworld's start point as start point of reality.

Other Points -

1. They start from Sydney to reach Los Angels in 10 hours.
10 Hours in reality is equivalent to a week in 1st level.
Consider they spend 2 hours in 1st level (say 1st combat and Yusuf drives for say 1 hour).
But when they wake up, it's almost 10 hours, because there were only 20 minutes to land in Los Angels.

So, the entire team except Cobb and Saito spend 1 week in 1st level?
Cobb and Saito spend years in limbo (Almost 8 hours of reality)?

Or they really spent few minutes of reality in the (fake) inception of Fischer and other time was consumed by setting things up for Cobb in his dream world.

2. In Hospital level (3rd level), Ariadne tells Cobb about the way to break into the maze. And then he tells to Saito. That means Mal should have found the same way. But Mal comes from another way to kill Fischer. This means that Ariadne deliberately had put Mal's projection there to take Cobb in limbo.

3. Dialog between Cobb and His Father in Law (M. Caine)
- Cobb describes the excitement of the job of being an architect.
One can build cathedrals, entire cities. That means he has already done that. And he built it using his memories. That's why he is stuck in there.

In second training session also, Ariadne taunts him that he did build his dreams based on his memories.

- M. Caine also asks him to come to reality - a futile attempt.

- Why would a veteran professor recommend his brightest student to work with some fugitive, in a dangerous circumstances. Especially when authorities are hunting for him?

- When asked by M Caine that why doesn't he build the layers for his project by himself, he tells that Mal wouldn't let him do that. Because she always wanted him to come to reality and not dwell in his dream land.


  1. Dude! Speachless!
    Solve Mal's entry and coffee shop issue, and I'm in for it :) I'm waving the Hotel window one... (Have to give some reduction ryt? ;))

  2. Now when I see this post, I cannot help but to wonder that - what the heck was going in my mind?

    Anyway, I am keeping this post as it is; like a timestamp of my mind condition.

    As far as Inception the movie is concerned, I now think that it is pretty straight forward and certainly doesn't need this much brainstorming. :)


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