Friday, January 28, 2011

Stem Cells of Humanity

History became legend and legend became myth… and those things which should not have been forgotten… were lost.

The tribes of Andman - Nikobar islands are the Stem Cells of Humanity. If anything is going to happen to earth or life of earth due to nuclear war/Global warming/ Asteroid strike etc., forget about saving VIPs and scientists, we need to save these tribes. Maybe they have their own mechanism to protect themselves against all odds. They have already proved themselves in Tsunami calamity in 2003.

Why these tribes?
Because they are the most pure form of humans. They have conserved some special things in humans which we all have forgotten long before. We are corrupted (we call it advanced) versions of human species. We have already lost our natural instincts. And this is because the greed of more comfort and power.
We are using natural resources to their limits. We have exterminated most of masterpieces of animal kingdom and remaining are on the verge of extinction.We daily talk about wars and that too nuclear wars. Global warming is the burning issue. Can you hear it? These are all signs of Armageddon. I am not blaming anyone, nor I will suggest to stop it, the purpose is not to create social awareness or something. This is a cycle which will continue till the end of this universe.

Which cycle?
Cycle of human advancement in technology to the zenith and then end of all. Then again a fresh seed of humanity. This is going on and on.. from millions of years. What most of the religions' mythology is saying is not a complete myth, its true.

Why didn't then humans learn from their previous experiences?
- They did. Our ancestors knew everything about it. We all do. You will find it everywhere. e.g. See what Hindu beliefs suggest- "Don't cross seas". How many times we have heard this crap? A crap..but is it really one?

Kiwis, Dodos - What happened to these birds?

They are extinct or endangered species. New-Zealand was there home of Kiwis, Mauritius being habitat for the latter. Settlers moved there some centuries ago, they carried dogs and cats along with them and they wiped out all of these flightless birds. Now doesn't this the old saying about crossing seas make sense? You will probably say that what harm did that make to humans? It surely did. It is an evidence of falling of ecosystem. These were the creatures made by nature for some purpose, some purpose like humans were created for. This must have stopped functioning of something. And it was not natural. It happened due to migration of group of humans from continent to continent, rather by 'crossing sea'.

Our ancestors knew the reason for not to cross the sea, but it was forgotten with time. Similarly all the things which are driving us towards Armageddon, same 'mistakes' had been done by our ancestors before the last Armageddon. Most of them were forgotten by the immediate successors of them and those who remain with them, they forgot about their cause. We are learning them by practising them. That cycle is running. We cannot stop it.

Competition is the key.
This is what must have happened.. After the last Armageddon few stems of humanity - our ancestors started a new life. They started to develop themselves. Actually they started the cycle again. Due to sex battles they started to gain power. Thousands of year later.. one smart fellow invented wheel, here they start to gain technology and use technology to gain power. Meanwhile some group of people actually decided to learn from previous experiences of what caused the extermination and decided to preserve the humanity by living close to nature. (May be at Andman). The other group of advanced humans started to gain technology. They moved to other places all over the globe and at a sudden, somewhere in between 19th century they increased their speed of advancement towards the end of current cycle. We call it 'Industrial Revolution'. They started comparing their technologies and powers with other group of people ( nations) . This generated more speed for the cycle.

6th March 2008. (Thoughts in my mind about the tribes of Andaman and old beliefs)


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