Monday, September 5, 2016

I have informed you thusly

Following is the response to an answer for a question - Why did China invade India in 1962? on posted on May 15, 2015. I knew PM's strategies to woe china will not work, so I have informed you thusly - one of my favourite Sheldon Cooper[1] quotes.

First of all, nice to hear from a Chinese. I thought you guys are not allowed to write your opinions freely on internet. Myth busted.

In the first half of the answer, you mentioned how tiny was the 1962 war for China. In the second half, there comes the Chinese soldier's account. You see why it was a big deal for us. We lost considerable number of soldiers in that war. The war which was just a conflict for China, exposed India's defence limitations and humiliated the Indians. It has scarred China's image for every Indian. Pakistan could gather courage to invade India in 1965 due to 1962.

The 1962 war was really small for us too, considering the geographical extents. However, the way Chinese invaded Tibet and India unexpectedly, has left a deep sense of doubt in Indian minds regarding Chinese intentions.

Today, Honestly, I feel that China uses the border tactics to create pressure on Indian leadership to open Indian markets for Chinese goods. It's more like an economic nerve now. Once in a  while Chinese soldiers come inside Ladakh, the leadership claims Arunachal Pradesh and on the other front they try to push their products in Indian market seeking more favorable deals from the Indian government in exchange of being quiet on the border.

You guys are over producing. Admit it, you want markets to sell your stuff. Today's world, no one wants to rule over a land by conventional means. They want  to rule with economics. The country who sells more product in India essentially is draining resources from India.

Now, Indian PM comes with idea of 'Make in India' to drain less resources from India. Brilliant idea!.. I don't think he's going to succeed in China. Why would Chinese want to 'Make In India' if they have all the raw resources and people in their country? So, Indian PM shuts Indian market for Chinese goods.. oh but wait, he cannot do that.. Chinese will start claiming AP and parts of Ladakh.

I appreciate Chinese tactics. It's not good for my country, but good for you guys. And also, having a shrewd and powerful neighbour to compete against, is improving India's defence and gameplan also. Better than having a lousy and annoying religious nut neighbour.

On a lighter note, due to 1962 war, Mr. Ratan Tata (Former chairman of the Tata conglomerate) had a breakup with his American girlfriend and remained single till date.
The American girl thought that the sino-Indian war was a full scale invasion and refused to come along with Mr. Ratan Tata to India.

1. The big bang theory - Sheldon Cooper - I have told you thusly.

When Ratan Tata was quizzed about his love life in an interview to CNN International's Talk Asia programme, he said, "I was probably the most serious was when I was working in the US and the only reason we didn't get married was that I came back to India and she was to follow me. That was the year of the Indo-Chinese conflict. This conflict in the snowy, uninhabited part of the Himalayas was seen in the United States as a major war between India and China and so, she didn't come and finally got married in the US thereafter." Little is known about that American lady in Tata's life. In 1962, Tata returned to India because of his grandmother's ill health.

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