Monday, March 12, 2018

Backpacking - Check! How to travel cheap.

I used following means while traveling solo in Central Europe.
  1. Hostel world dot com. Find a sweet spot by checking price, reviews, and location. 
  2. Blabla Car. Cheapest travel option of all. Plus if you get lucky you get to travel with locals who will share their stories and listen to yours. 
  3. Flixbus, Studentagency, Polskibus, Postbus. They are crazy cheap bus services and have routes all over. 
  4. GoEuro dot Com. This is a must-have app. It will give you all options with prices - Air, Rail, Road. I would rate it one of the 5 top apps in the world. I mean it. 
  5. I stayed at my friends’ in major cities. So be nice to people and make friends. You never know who will shift to which city in future. ;) 
  6. Ryanair - travel when they offer dirt cheap air tickets. 
  7. Durums and Kababs at Turkish shops. I did not spend too much and still had full meals. I would go to Lidl, Carrefour, Biedronka whenever possible to grab few sandwiches and Snickers to eat while traveling. Occasionally I tried local specialties even if it was a bit costly. My diet is huge. So, even after constantly feeding myself it was not sufficient to maintain my weight. I lost almost 2-5 Kgs in each trip. Worth it. 
  8. Free Walking Tours. A must if you want to know the places. You will have to walk a lot. Don't be stingy to tip them and do go on the paid Tours if your heart says so. You are there to experience things not to save money. 
  9. Day tickets for city transport. Most of the European cities have one pass for all buses, metros, trams etc. (Veperettos in Venice) 

Trains in Europe are costlier compared to other types of transport. Still, you can get good deals on some routes. Also, train journeys almost all over Europe are so scenic, you have to go for it at least few of them regardless of the money.

I must mention that I was in Europe for the studies and thus got a lot of time. I was flexible with the dates of travel. If you are on a short trip, or on a tight schedule, options like BlaBla car might not make sense. Still, you can save a considerable amount on other things I’ve noted above.


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How do I travel for cheap?

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