Thursday, March 22, 2018

That feeling when you see something amazing for the first time

It's quite uncommon that you see a movie or a series and immediately think to yourself that the actor you just saw performing was a great one.

I have had this feeling quite a few times with some actors. Even though I was watching them for the first time on screen, I was immediately drawn towards their charisma even though these actors sometimes had trivial roles.

Sometimes my intuitions were aligned with the world view and even though I was seeing the actor first time on the screen, it turned out that he/she was already a celebrated one.

I am presenting the list of such experiences when I had the feelings. Of course I had no idea if some of them were big shots like Meryl Streep or Jack Nicholson before seeing them perform.

Christoph Waltz -

When I saw the opening sequence of Inglorious Bastards, I immediately told my friend who was sitting next to me that this actor was going to earn Oscar that year.

I saw Inglorious Bastards, multiple times for him. I admire Christoph Waltz and completely enjoyed his performances in his later films such as The Green Hornet, Water for Elephants and Django Unchained. There is no count of how many times I have watched the opening sequence of Inglorius Bastards, but the following one with James Franco in Green Hornet is equally enjoyable -

John Cusack - 2012

Michael Stuhlbarg - as Griffin in MIB3
Later saw him in many flicks such as Doctor Strange and critically acclaimed Shape of Water

Simon Pegg - MI 4 - Ghost Protocol

Patton Oswalt - Walter Mitty

Tyler Perry - Gone Girl

Jack Nicholson - Anger Management

Will Smith - Independence Day

Tessa Thompson - Westworld (TV series)
She was a delight to watch in Thor:Ragnarok

John Malkovich - Transformers

Maryl Streep - Series of Unfortunate events

Steve Carell - Evan Almighty

Jessica Alba - Fantastic Four

Robert Downey Jr - Ironman

Robert De Nero - Meet The Parents

Kal Penn - American Desi

Eva Green - Casino Royale

Renée Zellweger - Me Myself And Irene.

Eva Mendez - Ghostrider

Rob Schneider - 50 First Dates

Giancarlo Esposito - Breaking Bad

Benjamin Bratt - Modern Family

Chloe Moretz  - Kick Ass

Chris Pine - Blind Dating
Well before he became part of the great Hollywood Chris-Off :D

Mark Ruffalo - Just like Heaven

Woody Harrelson - Anger Management

I may have missed some of the names of great actors essentially because actors in the above list totally came across as a surprise.

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