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Renaissance of Marathi Cinema
It's been almost two weeks since I have watched Sairat. It captured my mind and it's not going anywhere soon. More than the ending, I am now intrigued about the whole Sairat phenomena.

...Nagraj is a living example of such shift of personality. He failed 10th exam twice, was a narcotic addict, had violent past; today, he speaks eloquently about most sensitive issues of mankind. He doesn't just speak but expresses it through his art. He is not just a loner artist deeply hurt with the realities of life, he has made that pain his strength and became one of the most successful personalities of Marathi films.
Gandhiji and Idolization of Heroes
The brave and openhearted king Ram becomes Lord Ram, Shrewd strategist and warrior Krishna becomes Lord Krishna, Humanitarian and benevolent Jesus becomes son of god. Some fly on a winged horse to heaven, some walk on the water, Shivaji's vision and valor is attributed to the divine sword given to him by the goddess and some try to build temple of Dr. Ambedkar - one of the best leaders of 20th century.

2. Choose something which has useful content as well as Masala in it. By Masala I mean anything which you find interesting.. whatever floats your boat. In most of the cases it's romance and sex. It's likeGame of Thrones.. they have kept the boring part interesting by adding vivid sexual content. The story itself is a piece of art, there is no doubt, but to keep the viewer engaged.. I think you've got my point. As your reading gets refined, you may not need such aids.

Ladies And Gentlemen For Your Consideration..
One of my friend called on Sunday morning, said he wanted me to go along with him for a matrimonial get-together arranged by a social organization.

Usually, the idea of being at social gathering doesn't really stimulate me. But it was my friend and not I who was going to face the crowd there. Situations can be..

Dandeli To Goa Via Doodhsagar
As Sheldon explained this to Raj, some things are only valuable to a possessor because others don't have it[1]. The reason I recalled this dialogue is - only a month after my visit to Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Supreme court of India came up with a verdict by which tourist activities in the core zone of tiger reserves would be ceased completely.[2] That means whatever we saw and experienced inside the Tadoba core zone is now more important to us than ever before. Because we have it and others probably won't see it again. 

Went to watch Inception today-

On a rainy day with no hope of reaching office in time, the first thing came in my mind was few pending errands, but as I approached E-Square couldn't help and got ticket of Inception 11.45 at about 11.55AM. Sure I lost first 10 minutes, nevertheless the big task is complete now.

With memories of Vanilla Sky which has same concepts, I was hoping that this movie would spare me from further brain damage. Till interval it was more like explaining the background of what I was going to see in the later half.

Half Day Leave, Alaka and Skyline

Skyline? Is that even a movie? When did they release it?
Don't try to stress your brain. This was not on my list too. It's my one of those uncalled-for half day leaves which led me to watch this movie.
Sure I don't need any particular reason to take a half day leave as such, but that day there was a genuine reason.

Stem Cells of Humanity
History became legend and legend became myth… and those things which should not have been forgotten… were lost.

The tribes of Andman - Nikobar islands are the Stem Cells of Humanity. If anything is going to happen to earth or life of earth due to nuclear war/Global warming/ Asteroid strike etc., forget about saving VIPs and scientists..

Mails to Vlada
This was my mail conversation with a Ukrainian girl whom I contacted on LiveMocha just before beginning of my Russian lessons. Dates- Aug.2009 to Oct.2009. Bottom mail is the first one of this thread and topmost is the most recent.

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